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Charitable Care

Helping fill the gap for patients in need

VNA SoCal Charitable Care

Where Do Your Charitable Care Donations Go?

The rental fee for a portable, compact, concentrated oxygen machine for a three-year-old hospice patient, allowing him to go on a family weekend made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, including a trip to the zoo. ($592)

Weekly Take the Afternoon Off caregiver relief for a wife of a 58-year-old hospice cancer patient with no family support for one month. ($358)

Grocery gift cards to supplement the nutritional needs of a low-income home health patient. ($200) VNA SoCal provided five days of respite care for a hospice patient at a licensed facility.  Her daughter and primary caregiver unexpectedly lost her husband to a sudden illness. Qualified respite care gave the family time to grieve and make funeral arrangements. Charitable Care offered them peace of mind that their loved one was well-cared. ($750)

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VNA SoCal cares about our community. That’s why every year we give back thousands of dollars in gift cards, caregiver time off, wheelchair ramps and so much more! As a non-profit, our revenue always goes directly back to the community, and not into any shareholder’s pockets.

Charitable Care is funded through donations from you, our community members. We also receive money from other sources including bereaved families, grants and other government agencies.

A few examples of the free care provided to our patients and their families are:

  • Medical transportation for a 93-year-old patient who lives alone so that he could go to and from his medical appointments.
  • Grocery gift card for a family of five because the father, a 37-year-old cancer patient, is the sole provider for his family and can no longer work.
  • Window air-conditioner for a patient recuperating from cancer surgery so that she could recover comfortably during the summer months.
  • Purchase of a portable wheelchair ramp for a patient who requires a motorized wheelchair but has no way of getting it in and out of her home.
  • An in-home visit with a registered dietician for a patient with newly diagnosed diabetes, to educate the patient on food preparation, portion control, and food shopping skills.
  • Lifeline monitoring for patients, who live independently, but need a direct line to emergency services should a situation arise.
  • Provide a gasoline card for the family of a terminally ill child who needs to travel to Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, for medical treatment several times per week.
  • VNA organized respite care for the family of a terminally ill patient. His round-the-clock caregiving needs had exhausted the elderly spouse. Respite care offers skilled nursing in a safe and secure licensed facility which allows the caregiver some time off to recharge.
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